About Us

Our aim is to provide customers with access to unique and affordable wines from the iconic villages of Burgundy, with an emphasis on the philosophy of organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable cultivation practices, deep respect of Burgundy’s unique terroir and wine making traditions as well as showcasing the new generation of young Burgundy winemakers – the MBW’s (Millenial Burgundy Winemakers)!

Great Burgundies also explains, in a simple but informative way, the complexities of Burgundy wines and helps readers to become familiar with not only the grape varietals Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, but also the famous “Terroir” and wine classification (reading and understanding the labels), the 44 different wine villages (their aroma & flavour profiles), food and wine pairing tips and many articles about famous events and wine makers.

Wine should always be a moment of fun and happiness, sharing the right wine, with the right friends, at the right time and with the right food! This website is not about “wine snobbery”, but helps the reader discover how to get the best from their wine with some useful tips and suggestions. It also answers many frequently asked questions…

If you wish to visit Burgundy’s wineries, purchase wine or invest in wines or a vineyard, then contact us on our “Contact Form” and we’ll get right back to you.

So have a read, sign up and spread the word…


Stephen Liney

Burgundy wine broker


Stephen LINEY

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