Burgundy Beyond Investment Proposal

Burgundy is an exceptional wine region in many ways. It has very fine wines – both Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, made from very small estates with exceptional terroir. Many people know of it, but few really understand it. Everyone wants some, but there seems to be little available.

Burgundy’s fine wines are more popular, rarer and more expensive than Bordeaux. They give higher returns on investment…yet they are very elusive. Burgundy is currently going through a period of change, it is evolving into the most prestigious fine wine market in the world, surpassing Bordeaux. UNESCO has just made it a “World Heritage Site” for its exceptional “terroir”, the region is receiving more visitors, wanting to discover its treasures.

There is huge potential to develop fine wine tourism and investment opportunities in this region. I have met many estate owners who are looking for investors, young winemakers who are stars in-the-making, lesser known estates’ wines that are proving a great investment. Alternatives to trying to purchase DRC – why not have your own “brand” of Burgundy wine? Why not bid for barrels of wine at the “Hospices de Beaune” wine auction?

The saying “small is beautiful” still stands in Burgundy, but the idea of “bigger is better” is making way.


Burgundy Beyond Investments specialise in unique and exclusive wine investment portfolios, from acquiring investment grade fine wines as futures, participating in fine wine “en primeur” investment (Hospices de Beaune and Hospices de Nuits wine auctions), benchmark “signature” wine production and vineyard / wine trade company purchases.

Burgundy Beyond Discovery is a new tourism concept for wine-lovers and wine connoisseurs who wish to discover the fine wines, history, terroir and beauty of this region through exclusive VIP wine tours and made-to-measure wine classes.

Our professional services cover primarily the Burgundy region, but also the Champagne, Beaujolais, Rhone Valley & Provence regions in France.



Here are 5 reasons why Burgundy is becoming so popular among investors:


1/ Exceptional quality wines, small yields, exclusivity status

2/ Higher perceived ROI

3/ UNESCO World Heritage Status for unique “terroir” will increase notoriety

4/ Changes in taste for wines – more consumers leaning to more elegant and refined wines – such as PINOT NOIR

5/ Disillusion with Bordeaux investment wines




As a fine wine investment company we provide the following services for our potential clients:


  • Buying investment grade “Burgundy” wines from top estates and other sources


  • Provide secured storage facilities for wine purchases in Burgundy


  • Portfolio management – wine investment funds and private wine investment portfolios


  • Investment opportunities – auctions, top estates, future stars, signature wines, vineyards, estates, wholesale traders.


  • Investment partners – private individuals, consortiums, crowdfunding


  • Sourcing – network of key suppliers and winemakers


  • Events – Auctions (Hospices de Beaune, Hospices de Nuits), Visits (to private estates and tastings), Wine Investment Seminars, Burgundy wine discovery series etc.




Investors with a budget from 10,000€ to 5m€.

Investment period: 3 to 5 years for wines, 5 to 10 years for wineries/vineyards/wine trade

We can re-sell your wine or store it for you in our secure warehouse

Annual reporting to investors, with real-time market indications

Counterparty risk. We have full insurance cover against any eventual problems – default payments, theft, insolvency etc.




  • High-end tours to reputed estates, not usually open to the public


  • Exclusive en-primeur wine sales


  • Wine storage facilities


  • Unique wine classes in a beautiful setting – ½ day, full-day, up to 1 week courses to discover the history, the terroir, the techniques & the winemakers that make Burgundy so famous.


10 reasons to use Burgundy Beyond


  1. Our strong, established position in the Burgundy wine region
  2. Unique investment possibilities for clients
  3. Burgundy market growth potential – infancy stage
  4. Predicted high profit margins for company. Average 20 to 30% profit per year.
  5. Diversity of investment possibilities
  6. Exclusive investment opportunities – vineyards, wineries, wine trade
  7. “En primeur” Burgundy wines
  8. Participate & purchase wines-in-barrel at the prestigious Hospices de Beaune & Hospices de Nuit auctions.
  9. Enjoy exclusive wine tours and wine classes to better understand and enjoy wines from this region.
  10. Meet the “movers & shakers” in the industry – future star and iconic winemakers



  • Highly specialized knowledge in Burgundy gained from living and working in the wine region for several years.
  • Diverse and highly profitable investment portfolios – fine wine, vineyards etc.
  • Exclusive “events” and “opportunities” – wine auctions, signature wine brands, VIP tours & classes
  • Experts from Burgundy, the Fine Wine industry and real-time updates & opportunities


For further information or enquiries, please contact Stephen Liney on +33 (0)6 204 259 78 or stephenliney@gmail.com

Or www.sjliney.net