What is the Vosne Tasting Club?

The Vosne Tasting Club is the first “Tasting Venue” in Burgundy to propose wine tasting exclusively from the top 10% of independent wine producers in Burgundy.

We have created a new wine tasting concept which combines an exceptional tasting venue, known locally as La Maison Romane in Vosne Romanee and a selection of fantastic wines available for tasting EXCLUSIVELY at our tasting venue. The wines can be tasted through a number of innovative new tasting workshops with our team of professional “sommeliers” in line with the expectations of our international clients. These wines, along with others from our catalogue are available for purchase either after the tasting or through our wine club.

We currently work with over 50 estates from the prime Burgundy wine villages. These include the major wineries from the top 50 producers (Leflaive, Laurent Ponsot, Thibault Liger Belair, Leroy etc) but also and above all other winemakers that have a little less media exposure but who provide wines of similar quality but at more affordable prices, such as: Blain-Gagnard, Jean-Marc Millot, Robert Chevillon etc, and which include mostly the Premier and Grand Crus from their production.

As the Vosne TASTING Club is a private tasting venue, we only work through bookings.

We have a selection of tasting workshops starting at 30€ HT per person.

If you have a particualr request, please contact me on:


You may order wines from the Vosne Tasting Club without visiting the tasting venue.

Please contact me for a list of wines available on: